Merlin E960M

Merlin Garage Door Remote


Replaced by E970M
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The E960M is able to program into the newer Security+ 2.0 openers, as well as the older Security+ openers.

Instructions included with order.

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Merlin E960M Garage Door Remote

The premium Merlin E960M remote control was a premium keyring transmitter from 2013, for the Merlin Security+ 2.0 garage door operators. Coming with four green-shaped buttons on a black case this 132A2937 remote control is able to operate four-door or gate openers.

Please note, that this remote is also compatible with the Merlin Security+ openers, however, you need to follow the instructions to swap the buttons on this remote control to the Security+ setting before it will work.

Programming the remote control yourself is very simple, taking less than 10 seconds. Our technical support team have created video guides as well as written step-by-step instructions to help you program your remote control.

Merlin Garage Door Remote Specifications


Remote Dimensions7.4 x 3 x 1 (cm)
Remote Weight36g
Model NumberE960M
Batteries IncludedYes
Battery TypeCR2032 Lithium
Warranty1 Year

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How To Program Merlin Garage Remote